Clare Kelly

New berry arrives and it's perfect for pancakes

Clare Kelly

It's not every day a new fruit arrives but look at this cute little NERGI® kiwi berry! It's arriving in the UK in August so look out for it. We love these pancakes!

This mini berry has a smooth edible grape-like skin so it can be popped into a handbag as a handy ‘no peel’ snack alternative to sweets or biscuits and its rich antioxidant and fibre content make it a nutritious fresh fruit

Its juicy sweet, slightly tart taste is refreshing after a post-gym workout and help fills a gap when hunger pangs hit at elevenses. 

This berry has existed in the wild for centuries (originating from the Actinida arguta species) and with the help of careful cultivation and natural pollination, it is now being grown in the orchards of small farms in France and southern Europe (Portugal and Italy) under the name of NERGI® berry fruit.

The season is short (in the shops from 20 August to 15 November 2017), so now is the time to discover this cute little green berry that is turning heads this summer.