Clare Kelly

Pizza Express boasts new vegan menu

Clare Kelly

PizzaExpress is bringing a touch of sunshine to the lives of its guests this season, by introducing three new dishes to its Summer Specials menu: available in restaurants nationwide now.  The welcome new additions will see the brand introduce some exciting new options for vegan and dairy-free diners; alongside a refreshing and summery take on classic Italian tastes and flavours.

The Food to Love team were particularly taken with the idea of vegan mozzarella 'cheese' and headed to Pizza Express to find out more. We opted for Vegan Giardiniera to see whether we could taste the difference...

Presentation wise it looks the same as any other Giardiniera with plenty of topping and a delicious thin base with the perfect amount of crunch. And taste wise? In truth, we couldn't taste the difference! For years now, those on a vegetarian or vegan diet have been crying out for alternatives to their favourite dishes so this is bound to be a real hit with them. 

Of course, one of the great draws of Pizza Express is its value for money – you won't be out of pocket ordering a vegan option – which is great news for those who fancy dessert, too. Gelato is a popular dish to finish with but in general, vegans can't really get a lick in. Until now. So tell your vegan friends about the new Coconut Gelato – it's dairy free and delicious!

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