Pistachio Brittle


pistachio brittle.png

330g (1½ cups) caster sugar

75g unsalted butter

90g (⅓ cup) pistachios, chopped finely


1     Cut two 70cm lengths of baking paper and place on a heatproof work bench.

2     Heat a large heavy-based frying pan over medium heat. Sprinkle pan evenly with 110g (½ cup) of the sugar; cook, without stirring, until sugar starts to melt. Sprinkle with another 110g (½ cup) of the sugar, covering the melted parts. Continue with remaining sugar. Allow sugar to melt completely, stirring gently with a metal kitchen spoon once it starts to colour.

3     Add butter to syrup; stir until combined. Add pistachios (mixture will harden), stir over heat for 30 seconds or until softened again. Working quickly and carefully, pour toffee mixture onto one sheet of baking paper, then cover with the second sheet. Using a rolling pin, roll out toffee as thin as you can, taking care not to burn yourself. Cool for 10 minutes or until firm. Break brittle into shards to serve.

SERVING SUGGESTION Serve brittle as is or use it as a decoration for desserts or ice-cream shakes.